Our father started Teresi Trucking in 1959 with the truck he drove. Over the years he learned from his experiences... one load at a time. When he expanded his fleet and hired drivers he learned to be particular about who sat inside that door with his name on it. When he expanded further and hired staff to help, he learned to be particular about those who worked on the trucks that he owned and those who answered the phone for the company he built.

Over the years learning from experience has been a key to success of Teresi Trucking. It has helped us build up a company with a team of top drivers and a staff that knows the business inside and out. Every one of our management staff has experience driving a truck. This is important because as drivers they understand that the name of the game is getting the load from point A to point B safely, on time and in good shape. They know that performing quality service is what a driver is hired for. As a company we know it’s why a customer hires us.

Experience has also taught us that cheap rates do not always guarantee savings for the shipper. A cheap rate is no savings for a shipper who has to tell their customer that the load will not be delivered when promised. A cheap rate is no savings when a receiver cannot use a product because the carrier damaged it through carelessness or inexperience. Over the years we have focused on charging the rate that we need to keep quality, professional drivers employed and dependable equipment running.

Our company now encompasses two generations of experience working to exceed our customers’ expectations. We invite you to use this experience to your advantage.

John M. Teresi
Operations Manager
Anthony Todd Teresi
Administration Manager