Our trucks are all late models and well maintained. Operating equipment that is safe and dependable has been our priority for many years. This pays off in reduced road calls and accident claims. It is much less expensive to do preventative maintenance on a truck in our shop than to repair it along side the highway with our customers’ undelivered load on it.

We also pride ourselves at having one of the best assortments of special equipment in the state. We have a fleet of air-ride equipped flatbed and lowbed trailers that is capable of handling most sensitive and over-dimensional freight.

Also, with a ratio of 3 trailers to each power unit we have the capability to pre-load trailers and move large volume shipments with less inconvenience for the customer.

We have a large fleet of Air-Ride equipped 45’ & 48’ Flatbed trailers. We also have stretch flatbeds available that extend to 65’ for oversized loads. Many of our customers like our ability to provide enough trailers to load a second set of trailers while our trucks are delivering the first set, or pre-loading trailers the night before delivery.

Whether you are shipping oversize loads or want the advantage of being able to "cube out" a load of lightweight bulky material we have many step deck, double drop, and removable gooseneck lowbed trailers. Most of these are available with Air-Ride Suspensions. We also have the experience of 30 years
of hauling oversize permit loads. The Department of Defense and several aerospace companies use our lowbed service because they know they can depend on us providing on-time deliveries and drivers who are experienced at securing and protecting sensitive oversize shipments.

Vans and Curtain Vans
Our 48’ x 102" vans are available with heavy-duty interior tie-downs and Air Ride Suspensions.  We also have 48' x 102' curtain vans with Air Ride Suspension.

Trailer Specifications