Quality Service
Teresi Trucking started over 40 years ago with one truck. Over the years the fleet has grown along with our reputation for quality service. We have developed a customer base that depends on us to help keep their operations running smoothly. To do this, we hire our professional drivers with service in mind and we pay well to retain what we believe to be a team of the highest quality drivers.

Capable Management
Our management staff can handle your business with confidence, because they have been there. Everyone involved in our management has driven a truck previous to coming in the office; they know what the driver faces out on the road, what can and can't be done.

Our Services include:
  • Truckload
  • California Flatbed LTL
  • Haz-mat
  • Special Services

We provide overnight truckload service within California at competitive rates. This has been what we have built our business on. We also provide expedited interstate service throughout the rest of the country. We do not have regular backhauls from states away from the west coast so our rates to these areas may be a little higher, but our customers know that if they need it picked-up and on it’s way today, we can usually do it. We can also provide dual driver service for extremely urgent long distance shipments.

California Flatbed LTL
We provide Less-Than-Load service for many of our customers throughout California. Our Flatbed LTL service is different than the typical van LTL service. Our customers partial is not shoved into and pulled out of several vans before it is delivered. In fact many times the partial is delivered on the same trailer that the shipper safely loads it on. If it does have to be moved, it is done so once at our facility by capable personnel. This goes a long way in preventing damage to your freight. For many LTL carriers, damage claims are just part of doing business, for us they are a rare exception that we do our best to avoid.

Hazardous Materials
We currently haul hazardous materials shipments throughout California and the Western United States. Our haz-mat shipments consist mainly of commodities that need to be hauled on flatbed trailers such as bulk bins and sacks

Special Services
Several of our customers use us because we are an extension of their company. Whether we are making a multiple drop "milk run" shipment for a customer or involved with the delivery of a new installation of their equipment, they are confident in us being their transportation representative. We understand that quite often making our customer happy means making their customer happy.

Forklift Service

We can provide on-site forklift service throughout our California hauling area.  We offer up to 22,000 lb lifting capability with our lifts and our experienced drivers.  We have the ability to bring a lift in to load or unload at your site.